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Sustainability matters! REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE! With a finite amount of resources in our environment we need to protect what we have so that future generations will be able to enjoy them too.

What we do as individuals matters just as much as the behaviours of groups, cities, and countries. Do the right thing and be a leader, inspire others, and future-proof your business with strong sustainability practices so that it and our planet stand the test of time.


Do you have pallets lying around your workplace that you don’t need? Please let us know! We’d be happy to link you with other businesses who could take them off your hands and use them. Or should we say re-use them – that’s the beauty of it. Finding a way to repurpose those items that would otherwise be sent to landfill and saving on precious resources.

Please use the buttons below to let us know if you have pallets available or would like some pallets. Then complete the forms with your contact details and we’ll be in touch. Simple as that!

Green Waste Collection

Help us to help you keep your green waste (food scraps, paper towels, biodegradable coffee cups) out of landfill. Sign up on the button below to receive a FREE kitchen bin and your FIRST 6 COLLECTIONS FREE!

After that, we have negotiated some great rates with Green Gorilla to pick your green waste up at your door. This diverts CO2 emissions and contributes to the sustainable end product of compost.

The Wiri Business Association welcomes interest from any business or industry, especially the catering hospitality and food sectors.

Inorganic Collection

The Wiri Business Association would like to facilitate two inorganic collections per year. We are looking for a local collector/sorter for your scrap metal, plastics, wood, glass, paper, cardboard and e-waste. This will be a fantastic opportunity to de-clutter your work environment and make sure as many unwanted items are repurposed or recycled as sustainably as possible. We are hoping to negotiate a special discounted minimum collection rate of around $45 + GST for our Wiri Business members. Watch this space, or if you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

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